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Isle of Mann Motorcycle Races… Experience the Excitement in "Faster" the DVD   

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The Isle of Mann motorcycle races are the focus of "Faster" the DVD. 

"Faster" puts you inside the white-knuckled, 200-mile-per-hour world of motorcycle Grand Prix road racing -- MotoGP -- during two seasons' worth of world championship competition at the Isle of Mann motorcycle races.

In addition to the action, you get revealing interviews with riders, mechanics, doctors, commentators and fans along with the detailed history and profiles of top riders during the 2001-02 seasons.

Speediest sport on two wheels

It all works great whether you're a newcomer to MotoGP or you're a familiar fan of this intense type of motorcycle racing.

You get lots of action along with a comprehensive, inside view of the fastest sports on two wheels.

Using front- and rearview-mounted cycle cameras, plus overhead track coverage, filmmaker Mark Neale immerses you in the MotoGP experience.

The outstanding cinematography captures the highlights of spectacular mishaps and unforgettable action during the Isle of Mann motorcycle races.

Ewan McGregor provides a cool, low-key narration.

This movie joins "On Any Sunday

It's been said that this movie illustrates MotoGP as did the movie "On Any Sunday" many years ago when it showed numerous types of competitive weekend riding.

Here, again, a movie captures a golden age of top-level motorcycle racing.

The action starts with the monster 2-stoke-engine's last appearance on the MotoGP circuit in 2001 and transitions to the beginning of the 4-stoke era in 2002.

Top riders Biaggi, Gibernau, Edwards, Hodgson, Capirossi and of course, Valentino Rossi are all profiled -- along with their bikes

The racing is shoulder-to-shoulder, with riders often passing each other three times in the same corner.

Along with the action, your get the human story.

A vivid cast of supporting characters

In addition to the riders, a unique supporting cast of characters adds color.

You hear from the lady mechanic charged with patching together her crash-prone racer's bikes; Red Bull's comedy-club-ready pit crew; and Dr. Claudio Costa, who has spent decades attending races to care for crash-injured motorcycle riders.

"Faster" rounds out the intensity of the Isle of Mann motorcycle races with insightful perspectives from legendary riders Michael Scott, Wayne Rainey -- crippled in a racing accident -- Kevin Schwantz and Barry Sheene.

If you are even slightly intrigued by the prospect of experiencing the feel and atmosphere of this high-intensity, unforgiving -- yet disarmingly graceful -- competitive sport, then...

..."Faster" is the movie for you.

Click here for a great place to get your own copy of "Faster"

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