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Kryptonite Combination Cable Lock
Secures Your Gear
When You're Away From Your Bike

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Kryptonite combination cable lock (full name is Kryptonite R4 Combination Cable Lock) gives you a quick compact way to secure and protect your gear.

This lock is especially useful when you want to make sure your helmet, tail pack, jacket or other gear you leave behind stays safe when your bike's out of sight for a short time.

Just loop the 36-inch-long steel cable through your gear and around part of your cycle frame, then click the cable into the lock. You release the cable by entering your own four-digit combination.

The lock's features include a…

  • 2.9 mm vinyl coated retractable 36-inch-long steel cable
  • Four-digit combination lock mechanism equipped with easy-grip dials
  • Detachable mini-light

Click here for a great place to get your own…

Kryptonite Combination Cable Lock…

I keep my combination lock attached to my motorcycle all the time. I loop the cable around the side support of my bike's rear luggage rack and snap it on.

The cable is almost completely retracted so the lock stays tucked into a tight corner.

The lock comes with a detachable mini-light.  I've detached it from the lock's body and have it hanging from my key chain.  This tiny but powerful light comes in handy -- especially when I have to get a good look at my oil-filler window.

Even when I'm not concerned about security, the cable lock gives me a convenient way to secure my helmet and keep it from falling on the ground when the bike is parked.

I just snap the cable out of the lock, reel off a length, pass the end through the helmet's chin bar and snap it home and position my helmet so it won't fall.

The whole operation takes only a few seconds.

I've seen other riders similarly secure sissy bar bags and tail packs when they park and walk away from their motorcycle.

If, for any reason, you want to change you lock's combination, it's easy to do. Plus, this cable lock has an "anti-reset" button to prevent someone from changing your code.

I'd highly recommend the Kryptonite R4 Combination Cable Lock. It works well and provides me with peace of mind.

I'm confident you'll feel the same way...

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