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How You Can Stay Warm When
Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding

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Cold weather motorcycle riding, for many bikers, is an enjoyable and exhilarating part of the whole motorcycle riding experience.

And for others, even though they prefer warm weather, they know how to stay comfortable when caught in a big chill.

Whether you look forward to cruising in frigid weather or you only head out into it when you must, here's info to help you stay warm and safe when the temperature drops.

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Why ride when its really chilly outside?

Cold weather motorcycle riding has advantages. For example…

When the days get shorter and temperatures stay consistently low, many roads and areas crowded by cars and travelers during warmer months free up and become more inviting.

Now you can really enjoy those winding roads when they're empty.

And when the leaves fall from the trees, areas previously hidden by foliage look completely different. Now you can see waterfalls, rock formations and other features blocked from view during the summer.

It's almost like riding through areas you've never seen before.

However, when it comes to cold weather motorcycle riding, sometimes you don’t have a choice.

You might get caught on the road when the temperature suddenly drops. It could happen when…

  • You're far from home and must keep riding in the frosty night air
  • The road climbs out of a warm valley into the freezing mountain air
  • Frigid weather suddenly moves in when you least expect it

Whether you're riding in frosty temperatures by choice or by chance, you can remain comfortable and focused on the road and on your driving when you're properly equipped to manage the cold.

Here’s the secret to cold weather motorcycle riding…

Dress in layers...

By dressing in layers, you can…

  • Generate heat with your body
  • Keep the warmth inside your clothes
  • Keep the chilly air out

When you're preparing for frosty weather motorcycle riding, try this layering system…

Thermal base layer

Cold weather base layer bottoms

Start with a base layer of snug thermal underwear -- top and bottom. Most brands are made of synthetic fibers that wick away moisture while keeping you warm.

Thermal tops and bottoms come in different thicknesses to suit your body's tolerance to the cold and/or your area's climate. Select the thickness that suits you best.

Other features these garments can give you include strategically-placed wind-blocking panels on your torso and legs.

Middle wind-blocking layer

A windblock layer goes over the base layeer

For extra protection against icy winds, add a specialized wind-blocking pullover on top of your riding shirt.

Windproof outer layer

After guarding yourself against the cold with a base layer and a wind-blocking layer, you must protect those layers against any penetrating, heat-robbing winds.

That's why you need a motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants made of leather or one of the synthetic fibers to give you a reliable windproof outer layer.

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Your top layer keeps the cold out

Motorcycle Jackets where you can get a huge amount of information about choosing a jacket that best suits you and the way you ride in any season.

Please go to this website's section about Motorcycle Pants to get a huge amount of information about choosing pants that best suit you and the way you ride while protecting you from the cold.

Additional windproof outer layer

If your motorcycle jacket or pants need help keeping out bitter winds, or if you're not wearing a thermal base layer, you can put on your rain suit to give yourself an additional windproof outer layer.

Using your rain suit for added warmth is a good way to deal with an unanticipated temperature drop.

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Keep your feet and hands warm...

When you are riding in chilly weather, your hands and feet are very vulnerable to strong, heat-robbing winds. Also, your body concentrates on circulating blood to your brain and internal organs to keep them warm. So your hands and feet can really suffer when temperatures drop.

That's why you should give your feet and hands extra protection from the cold by wearing a good pair of wintry weather boots and gloves.

Motorcycle boots

Cold weather motorcycle riding boots

Key features you want your cold weather motorcycle riding boots to give you include the…

  • Right fit. Sure your want your boots to fit right. But when riding in icy weather, you don't want tight boots. You want room inside to put on a warm pair of sox and allow good circulation.
  • Right height. Your frosty-weather motorcycle boots should reach well above your ankles. A good boot height helps to windproof your feet and lower legs.

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Motorcycle gloves

Cold weather gauntlet gloves

Key features you want your cold weather motorcycle riding gloves to give you include…

  • The right fit. For chilly weather riding, you want snug but not tight-fitting gloves. You might even want room inside so you can wear a separate liner glove for extra warmth.
  • Tall, wind-blocking cuffs -- gauntlets -- that completely cover your wrist and the bottom of your coat sleeve.
  • A hook and loop strap around your wrist that tightens down everything to make your glove wind-proof and keep each glove firmly in place.
  • Effective insulation such as Thinsulate. Besides being effective, you want the insulation to stay in place when you pull your gloves on or off.

  • Some gloves have a removable lining you can take out and wash. Or you can wear a separate silk or micro-fiber lining to add warmth and make your gloves more versatile.

Please go to this website's section about Motorcycle Gloves where you can get a huge amount of information about choosing gloves that best suit you and the way you ride in any season.

Final tips about staying warm when cold weather motorcycle riding...

Extra cold weather riding gear
  • Wear a full-coverage helmet that keeps your head warm while also protecting it.
  • Wear a balaclava, neck gaiter and/or scarf to keep the wind from drifting down the back or front of your neck.
  • Installing a windshield on your motorcycle or increasing the size of your current windshield will increase your frosty weather riding comfort. It will block the wind and help reduce your riding fatigue.

Getting the right mix of cold weather clothing and equipment might require a few test rides to determine which cold weather gear works best under certain circumstances.

But once you've determined the most effective equipment combinations, cold weather motorcycle riding becomes a very satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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