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High Visibility Reflective Vest 
Makes You Stand Out After Dark

Here's where you can get your own high-viz reflective vest

A high visibility reflective vest will make you stand out to other drivers when you're riding in fading light or after dark.

Whether you...

  • Routinely ride your motorcycle after dark or...
  • Avoid night riding...

A well-made reflective vest will give you an extra measure of safety on dark roads and make you easier to see on busy byways.

In addition to its ability to reflect light, a nicely designed high visibility vest avoids comparison with road construction crew safety garb.

I know when I've seen riders wearing a reflective vest after dark, when my headlight beam hits them -- even when they're far off -- they're really conspicuous.       

Hey, we know a reflective vest isn't going to win any fashion awards...

But if the one you're wearing makes you stand out and keeps you from getting rear-ended, that's even better.

Click here for a great place to get your own

reflective vest...

Here are some high visibility reflective vest features to look for…

  • Bright yellow or orange versions that give you maximum high visibility…
  • Mesh chassis for maximum airflow…
  • Adjustable fit…
  • Bright panels front and back that make you stand out coming and going…
  • Storage pockets where you can keep your stuff

It's tough enough these days to stay safe when riding a motorcycle. Many drivers act as if we're invisible.

So you're doing yourself a big favor when you add a reflective vest to your wardrobe.

Click here to go to a great resource where you can get your own high visibility reflective vest...

It could provide that extra margin of awareness necessary to keep you from getting into an accident...and getting hurt.

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