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Me against the world

by Wayne Major
(Bunbury, western Aust 6230 Australia )

I rode for many years by myself. Then I decided to behave myself and joined a like-minded group of 60-plus riders -- wonderful, people salt of the earth

That lasted about a year. I could not put up with all the rules and regulations -- and there are many in Australia.

I can't see why the motorcycle club put in more and more rules. Some insisted on riding single file. Woe be tide you if you took the lead. It just got me down.

Some riders would take ten minutes to put on their gloves on. Spare me!

A motorcycle is a very personal thing; after all, I wrap my body around mine.

I went back to riding by myself.

I began going to the United States in 2010 and have been going back ever since. This will be my fourth trip in 2013.

There are lots of places to see. I rode to Gettysburg from Los Angeles and toured all around. Oregon would have to be one of the best places to tour through; the same goes for Washington State. I explored lots of wooded mountain roads that got me pumped.

I told my adult kids that I went to the Goonies' home in Oregon. They were super jealous.

I would recommend Eagleriders where I rented my bike. The Heritage Softail I rode during that trip cost me about $6,000 for about seven weeks. The price included all insurance and such.

At the Los Angeles Airport, I pulled up at a petrol station, grabbed the wrong pump and put diesel into the bike. Heritage Softails don't like it.

However God must love idiots. Thanks to a lot of nice people, I was up and running the next day.

I don't go out of my way to get into trouble it just seems to be there.

I love riding and hope to continue for a long time.

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