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Motorcycle jeans I selected for everyday riding...
Klim K 52 Kevlar-reinforced denim jeans

The motorcycle jeans I selected after lots of searching and evaluation are these Klim K Fifty 2 Kevlar-reinforced, straight-cut denim jeans.

Here's why… 

I wanted a pair of Kevlar-reinforced motorcycle jeans that also gave me strategically-placed knee, hip and tailbone armor for impact and abrasion protection in those areas. 

I learned the hard way that if I was going to wear denim jeans on my motorcycle, I should wear a pair that delivers abrasion resistance and impact coverage. 

And a nice style is always welcome. 

Many Kevlar-reinforced motorcycle jeans will give you a reasonable amount of Kevlar in the seat, knees and hips for abrasion protection.  And many provide some sort of armor/impact protection on the knees. 

But not too many give you impact and abrasion protection on the hips.  And that was the feature I wanted as much as the knee and tailbone padding. 

I've fallen twice when wearing other brands of Kevlar-reinforced jeans.  Both times I wound up with a bruised, road-rash-decorated hip. 

Another nice feature is that these pants are made of durable Cordura denim.  They stand up well to the rigors and abuse of motorcycle riding.

It's important to point out that no Kevlar-reinforced denim motorcycle jeans will give you the same high degree of impact and abrasion protection as armored leather pants and some full Kevlar pants equipped with knee and hip armor. 

However, these denim riding jeans will protect you infinitely better if you fall off of your motorcycle than will a pair of plain, every-day denim jeans.

Why I got these denim motorcycle jeans

I got the Klim K Fifty 2 jeans to wear when the weather is hot and my heavier, cold weather motorcycle pants are so uncomfortable they become a distraction. 

And I like these pants because they look like regular straight-fit jeans.  After I reach my destination, I can wear them unobtrusively for walking around and hanging out.   

Here's what the Klim K Fifty 2 denim jeans have to offer… 

  • Heavy-duty Cordura denim/nylon construction…
  • Abrasion-resistant Kevlar in the seat, hip and knees…
  • D3O EVO knee and hip armor…
  • Adjustable knee armor pockets…
  • Removable/adjustable hip pads…
  • Poron XRDA tailbone pad…
  • Strong flat-felled seams…
  • YKK zipper…
  • Straight-leg fit…
  • Stone-washed finish…
  • Klim details and trim… 

I’ll admit, they do cost more than a regular pair of denim jeans.  But the extra protection you get if you have an accident is what you're paying for.  And it's worth it.

Click here to get your own pair of Klim K Fifty 2


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