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Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket & Pant Product Review

by Richard J. Atkins, Ed.D.
(Long Island, New York)

Motoport Kevlar Jacket and Pants in action. Photo credit:

Motoport Kevlar Jacket and Pants in action. Photo credit:

The Search

For years, I have been looking for summer riding gear that is safe and doesn’t cook me. Last winter, I ordered the BMG Discovery jacket and the Pioneer Pants to go with it.

The jacket is designed to keep the rider warm at -30 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s great, but in the dog days of summer, I wanted something that could keep me cool, but offer the same impact protection.

I did many internet searches for “safest motorcycle summer gear,” and other similar strings. Somewhere along the way, and whichever terms I used, I was brought to Motoport’s Police Air Mesh Kevlar Pant.

Kevlar? Hmm… I’ve heard of Kevlar. They make bullet-proof vests out of it, don’t they?

I made a call to Motoport and was connected with Wayne Boyer, the owner of the company. We talked for a while about my riding style, the gear I’ve owned in the past, and my want for something in summer riding gear that actually feels safe.

You see, I’ve had numerous summer riding outfits, but none of them ever felt really safe. They felt “flimsy” at best. Sure, they keep me cool, but in the case of impact, I never felt like I had any real protection.

Wayne gave me time and attention. By the end of the call, I had placed my order for the pants.

But it didn’t take long for a new kind of buyer’s remorse to set in—Why didn’t I just get the whole suit? A few days later, I was back on the phone with Wayne again, making deals.

It took a few weeks for the package to arrive. On a Friday, before a scheduled ride around New Jersey with some friends, the goods arrived.

I had ordered the Ultra Air Mesh Kevlar II jacket and pants, with the Two-part Aero-Tex zip-in jacket liner, and the Aero-Tex pant liner.

Along with as much reflective material on the back, sleeves, and pant legs as was available. In addition, I opted for the Quad Armor upgrade (from Tri-Armor).

FedEx drove away and the box was opened immediately. There I was, in my living room, fully suited up, and making a call to Wayne again.

“Wayne? I just want you to know that I am now in the safest motorcycle gear on the planet! I feel like I could get shot right now, and I’d be OK.” Wayne quickly quipped, “Well, don’t try that!”

As promised, it took about an hour for the Kevlar and Quad Armor to mold to my body. The real test was taken the next morning.

Driving on the New York to New Jersey roads, I had the reassurance of Kevlar, with the best breathe-ability I have ever experienced.

Aside from my R1150R, this protective gear is, by far, the best investment in my own safety.

What the Experts Say About Kevlar

Kevlar® brand fiber is an innovative technology from DuPont that combines high strength with light weight to help dramatically improve the performance of a variety of consumer and industrial products.

Groundbreaking research by DuPont scientists in the field of liquid crystalline polymer solutions in 1965 formed the basis for the commercial preparation of the Kevlar® aramid fiber.

Lightweight and flexible, Kevlar® has evolved over four decades of innovation… (DuPont Web site –

Kevlar is the strongest fiber known to humankind. Kevlar is made by Dupont and, for apparel use, comes in a thread form.

In a pure weave Kevlar does not stretch and is not suitable for use in motorcycle apparel where ability to stand up to abrasion is important. Motoport makes suits from a Kevlar/Cordura/Lycra weave.

This specially-blended Kevlar material meets and surpasses all basic requirements for motorcycle apparel.

Motoport’s Kevlar suits are the only synthetic apparel approved by the FIM, the AMA, the WERA and many other racing organizations (Motoport Web site –


Quad-Armor is Tri-Armor with a thin, dense, Closed-Cell EVA Foam in the middle, similar to hard plastic.

The stiff foam spreads the impact over the entire surface of the Quad-Armor. Using only layers of pure APS hitting sharp objects would isolate and transfer impact, not spread it over the entire armor.

• Absorbs close to 50% more impact than Tri-Armor.

• Is comfortable to wear. On average, it takes 1.5 hours for Quad-Armor to mold to the individual’s body.

• Is fully perforated and breathes, allowing almost total air flow.

• Increases overall weight of the jacket and pant by approximately 3.5 pounds.

• Can be worn inside the jacket and pant in Velcro-secured pockets. It does not need to be strapped on the body. Quad-Armor will not move upon impact.

Quad-Armor is a four-layer system that is the highest rated impact-absorbing armor in the world.

Quad-Armor protects full knee/shin, full wrap-around thigh, elbow/forearm, shoulder, back and chest.

Quad-Armor has passed and exceeded the new EN Certification and covers more of the body than any other brand.

Rain & Cold Weather

A key feature of protective gear is its ability to protect the rider from the elements.

The jacket and pants I bought were equipped with the optional zip-in two-part jacket Aero-Tex liner, and the non-insulated Aero-Tex pant liner for protection from wind and water.

With it, I can ride in temperatures ranging from -20 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When the liner is out, I can ride in temperatures from 65 degrees and up.

To put this to the test, I used the jacket and pants on an eight-day ride from New York to Kentucky and back.

On the second-to-last day, in Virginia, the skies opened up relentlessly. It was the kind of rain California might see during December. Cars on the road were driving no more than 20 MPH, usually with hazard lights blinking as they went.

When I arrived at my destination, the proof was in a dry shirt and pants!

A Testimonial

One rider wrote to Wayne and offered this as a statement:
“My beloved Electra Glide was totaled last November when an 18-wheeler smashed me from behind in a construction zone, and though I was sent head over heels, as was the bike, I walked away! Unreal.

The suit looked trashed in places but after cleaning it, several days later, it looked BRAND NEW! Not a scratch on it.

I can't say enough about Motoport, and I am a very picky guy in purchasing and scrutinizing anything!”

The Ultra II Jacket retails for $429, and has many optional add-ons (Quad-Armor, many different colors, liner, additional pockets, etc.).

The Ultra II Pants retail for $299, also offering the rider many different options. All items can be found at, or by calling 800.777.6499.

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