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A Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag For Your Bike?
It could Be the Best Way to Go

Looking for a sissy bar bag?  Click here for a great place to find a sissy bar bag that's right for your motorcycle and for the way you ride.

A motorcycle sissy bar bag could be your best choice of motorcycle luggage for your particular motorcycle.

They come in a many practical sizes and combinations.

Some smaller bags are intended for you to use alone and others are part of multi-bag sissy bar luggage systems.

Elsewhere in this website you can get information about other types of motorcycle luggage including…

But let's get back to bags for sissy bars…

Need a bag for your sissy bar?

Click here for a great place to find a bag that's right for your

motorcycle and for the way you ride…

Use a solid sissy bar when attaching a bar bag

Attaching your bag to a sissy bar

Use a solid sissy bar when attaching a bar bag

No matter which style bag of this type you're considering, you must attach it to an appropriately-sized sissy bar or backrest.

Does your motorcycle have one? If not, you'll need one.

If you're considering a large bag, it's best to support it on a luggage rack while also attaching it to your bike's sissy bar.

However, if you don't plan on carrying a passenger, you could rest a heavy bag on the back of your motorcycle's seat.

Smaller bags fit most sissy bars or backrests without an issue. Attaching them is easy.

You'd attach a larger motorcycle sissy bar bag with either the its built-in bar pocket or strap/tie-on system. Both mounting systems often include adjustable Velcro straps and quick release buckles.

The pocket system lets you slide a pocket in the bag over your bike's sissy bar or backrest. With a strap system, you'd slide the bar or backrest under straps in the bag then tighten them down.

The main message here is to make sure a larger bag or luggage system will fit okay onto your bike's sissy bar or backrest before you bring it home.

Give some thought to…

How you plan to use your motorcycle sissy bar bag?

  • Will you need it only for touring?
  • Will keep it on your motorcycle all the time?
  • Do you plan to carry lots of gear or just the essentials?
  • Do you need extra space for a passenger's gear?

Also, consider…

  • Your motorcycle's style and purpose...
  • If you ride in all kinds of weather...
  • How frequently you ride...
  • In which seasons you ride...

Use this info to help you determine the size and style bag that will work best for you and the bike you ride.

Check here first when looking for a sissy bar bag...

When considering any kind of motorcycle luggage -- including a bag for the sissy bar -- your best bet is to look first at your own bike manufacturer's products.

Hard luggage is standard gear on serious touring motorcycles. And you can get luggage as an accessory for many other bikes.

If your bike manufacturer provides motorcycle sissy bar bag that meets your needs and fits your budget, you can be sure it will also fit your bike and blend well with its design.

Need a bag for your sissy bar?

Click here for a great place to find a bag that's right for your

motorcycle and for the way you ride…

You have many options when selecting a bag for a sissy bar

Leather bags look good on cruisers

Most of bags of this type are made of hefty nylon, and many are made of synthetic leather. Both materials are tough, but nylon wins out on giving you good wear.

However, leather looks best on cruiser style motorcycles.

Most bags are water resistant but not waterproof. So look for a bag equipped with a rain cover that will keep your gear dry in wet weather.

Your motorcycle sissy bar bag capacity options increase to the point where you can get a single bag or multi-bag system large enough to carry all your gear for an extended trip.

Sissy bar bags give you many packing options...

Useful features to look for when you're sorting out potential choices include…

  • Internal dividers
  • External side pockets
  • Adjustable mounting straps and quick release buckles
  • Reflective webbing
  • An adjustable shoulder strap or handle for carrying after your ride
  • Rigid bottom plate to prevent sagging
  • Fail-safe heavy-duty zippers
  • A waterproof rainstorm cover
  • Security features that keep the bag attached and your stuff safe

Whether you need this type of bag mostly for extended trips or you plan to keep one on your motorcycle all the time, you'll want one that…

  • Gives you trouble-free service
  • Keeps your gear safe and dry
  • Looks good on your motorcycle
  • Works well with your motorcycle

What size bag best suites you and your motorcycle?

A small sissy bar bag keeps your gear handy

When determining what bag will work best, first determine how much gear you expect to carry so you can look for a bag that suits your needs as well as your motorcycle's gear-carrying capabilities.

When fully loaded, a sissy bar bag that's too heavy or rides too high can make your motorcycle unwieldy or difficult to steer.

Also, the extra weight of a too-heavy bag may eventually break the sissy bar, luggage rack or even part of your bike's frame.

Try to fit test your bag of choice on your own motorcycle before you buy it. Or work with a dealer that has a friendly return policy.

Sissy bar bag advantages

Bags for your sissy bar...

  • Make it easy for you to get to your stuff
  • Attach out of your way and don't interfere with your driving
  • Attach away from your bike's muffler, wheel or chain
  • Keep the weight of your gear over your bike's suspension
  • Come in many sizes and designs to suit your needs

Sissy bar bag disadvantages

Bags for your sissy bar...

  • Require your ride to have a sissy bar and/or luggage rack
  • Can be easily removed by the wrong person if not locked on
  • Can be easily opened by the wrong person if not locked shut
  • May interfere with your bike's handling if too heavy
  • Can crack the luggage rack, sissy bar or frame if too heavy...

When you finally select a bag for your sissy bar, make sure it…

  • Gives you the features and functions you want...
  • Is the size you need...
  • Is easy for to puit on and take off your bike...
  • Doesn't interfere with you or your bike...
  • Looks good...

And after you snap on your new motorcycle sissy bar bag, step back and admire your good choice.

Looking for a bag for your sissy bar?

Click here for a great place to find a bag that's right for your

motorcycle and for the way you ride…

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