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Dad Survives Sliding Off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

My father may be the luckiest person alive. He’s as tough as they come and has survived far worse than this motorcycle riding incident on the Blue Ridge

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Meeting George Brough.

I used to be a lift (elevator) engineer. It was a bit of an up and down job, so eventually I gave it up. However, when I was still in that line of work,

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My motorcycle duffle bag is usually all I need

Forget about all the other specialized motorcycle luggage I have on the shelf… my waterproof motorcycle duffle bag is often all I need.

I seldom go for short rides so I keep a hard "top case" attached to my motorcycle's luggage rack.

It holds my rainsuit, other weather-related gear and some emergency equipment.

It saves me the trouble of packing that stuff every time I take off on a 200- to 500-mile (or farther) ride.

But if I need something extra to carry a change of clothes, a pair of walking shoes or other gear to suit a particular destination or even for a multi-day trip, my motorcycle duffle bag fits the bill.

I'm not talking about a gym bag or some other thing you can find in most any sporting goods store.

I rely on a Wolfman Expedition dry motorcycle duffle bag.

The nice thing about this bag and a few other specialized motorcycle duffle bags on the market is that it's rugged, thoroughly waterproof and easy to strap on or remove from the seat behind me.

It's convenient to carry like any travel bag when I reach my destination.

Motorcycle riders often think long and hard when determining which saddlebags and other luggage will best suit their motorcycle and their riding style.

Often a purpose-built motorcycle duffle bag is the sure and simple solution.

Continue reading "My motorcycle duffle bag is usually all I need"

Rugged Wolfman motorcycle duffle bag keeps your gear dry

The Wolfman Expedition dry motorcycle duffle bag protects your stuff and keeps it dry. Great for long trips and short rides.

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Dynaplug tire repair tool…reliable flat-plugging systems

Dynaplug tire repair tools give you all-in-one puncture-plugging capability. Fix your flat tires quickly, easily, reliably.

Continue reading "Dynaplug tire repair tool…reliable flat-plugging systems"

When should you replace your AGM Motorcycle Battery?

How do you know when it's time to replace your AGM motorcycle battery?

Actually, when do you replace any motorcycle battery that's working well but has lots of years on it?

AGM is not a battery brand name. AGM applies to any Absorbed Glass Mat battery.

This is an advanced, maintenance-free version of a lead-acid battery.

An AGM motorcycle battery is permanently sealed, which saves you the trouble of adding water or acid. It won't spill or leak in any position.

The "trouble" with some AGM batteries is if you treat them properly by keeping them charged and out of extremely hot or cold temperatures for extended stretches, such batteries can last a deceptively long time.

After -- for example -- three years of good service, you may start to wonder if you should replace the one powering your motorcycle just to be on the safe side.

But they're expensive -- more than other battery designs.

So why throw away a battery that can hang in for maybe an additional two or even three years -- and possibly more -- if you don’t have to?

I guess it gets down to your tolerance for risk.

If it gives you peace of mind to always have a relatively new and (theoretically) reliable battery on your motorcycle, then you should replace yours every two or three years.

However, if you can handle the risk, then wait until the battery on your motorcycle is getting noticeably weaker when you push the "start" button -- or when the headlight beam starts looking wimpy when the engine is not running.

The trick is not to wait too long.

It's bad enough to find out your battery is stone dead and gone for good when you're sitting in your driveway.

However, it's a real drag when you're sitting on the side of the road and miles from home.


Continue reading "When should you replace your AGM Motorcycle Battery?"

Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Jeans for Hot Weather Riding

For many riders -- including me -- this has been the winter that will never end.

Maybe you can speed up the arrival of warm weather by getting a great pair of denim motorcycle jeans to wear on hot days.

The right pair of jeans can keep you comfortable on hot summer days and give you the protection that only purpose-built motorcycle jeans can provide.

These are the features I wanted when I went looking for denim jeans designed specifically for motorcycle riding…

• Kevlar reinforced throughout…

• Knee padding…

• Hip padding…

I wanted jeans that would help me to stay cool when riding. I also wanted jeans that would protect me from abrasions and impact injuries if I fall.

Sure, I don't expect my motorcycle jeans to protect me the same way leather riding pants can. However, they help me to remain alert and comfortable by alleviating the distraction and discomfort of hot weather.

They can give you a nice option for riding in comfort when the weather -- finally -- warms up.

Continue reading "Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Jeans for Hot Weather Riding"

Motorcycle Gear and Motorcycle Riding Information

Motorcycle gear information to help you select motorcycle riding equipment that meets your needs and riding style. Plus info to help you get the most enjoyment out of motorcycle riding.

Continue reading "Motorcycle Gear and Motorcycle Riding Information"

Cambodian trails in the Monsoon season!

I was traveling with a few friends across Southeast Asia during the wet season and we were getting a bit sick of the rains putting a downer on everything

Continue reading "Cambodian trails in the Monsoon season!"

Brian Salisbury Motorcycle Riding Books

Brian Salisbury gives you popular books containing motorcycle adventure and travel stories, info about high risk riding and choosing rider gear that suits you best.

Continue reading "Brian Salisbury Motorcycle Riding Books"

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